What We Do

What We Do

The past two decades have seen remarkable shifts in the nutritional scenario altogether. With steady urban migration, upward mobility out of poverty, and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle because of improvements in technology and transport, obesity rates and other lifestyle disorders began to increase, resulting in various health problems. Global and domestic markets have increased the variety of options available to consumers ranging from road side dhabas, eateries to multi- chain eating outlets.

Food consumption pattern has changed drastically in the recent years due to income induced diet diversification, impact of globalization, increasing urbanization and changing lifestyle of people. The trend in calorie, protein and fat intake in the diet has also changed. Easy availability of processed foods, less time for making healthy foods has led to evolvement of many health problems.

When the problem arises, we all know that solution also happens, so the solution is changing your dietary habits and lifestyle modifications. As more and more people are moving towards fitness and have become health conscious, more and more options are coming.

There are various methods to lose weight. They are:

  1. Exercise regimen

  2. Different forms of workouts

  3. Diet plans

  4. Medicines/pills

At NUTRIDIETS we plan diets that are customized according to your height, weight, and physical activity and moreover according to your dietary habits without changing them. Effective diet plans at NUTRIDIETS helps you to provide healthy, nutritious and balanced diets that help you to clean your system, boost your system providing you a healthy lifestyle. Apart from diet plans we also provide you lifestyle modifications, exercise regimen and much more. We have various health packages according to different needs.

At NUTRIDIETS we provide customized diet plans in following ways:

  1. Online diet consultation (via e-mail)

  2. Face to face consultation

  3. Telephonic consultation

At diet clinic, we take into the following considerations before providing the diet charts:

  1. Body measurements like height, weight

  2. Physical activity

  3. Meal patterns, beverage intake and dietary habits

  4. Medical problem

  5. Medical history

  6. Lifestyle pattern

  7. Sleep patterns

All the above information is provided by the clients through registration or nutritional assessment form.

So be assured that you have come to right place and you will surely meet the weight loss and other diet related targets.

We take all necessary steps so as to provide you a healthy lifestyle.