1. Set the goal which is realistic. Desirable rate of weight loss is ½ - 1 kg per week.

  2. Take the help of visible tools (weighing machine) and motivation techniques.

  3. Severe fasting may lead to health hazards.

  4. Achieve energy balance appropriate weight for height.

  5. Avoid commercially available low calorie foods. They are no better than low calorie homemade foods.

  6. Avoid dietary binges. Your self-determination and mental control will see you through.

  7. Avoid a separate menu for yourself. Instead adapt your dietary needs from the regularly prepared family dishes.

  8. Spread food throughout the day. Eat small meals regularly at frequent intervals.

  9. When eating away from home or in the company of guests, take care and avoid excesses but do not get upset if you miss your planning. Adjust the following day’s menu or the remaining part of the day‘s diet to compensate for the excess calorie intake.

  10. Avoid use of appetite depressants and such type of medication.

  11. Do not change your meal or snack pattern.

  12. Do not think of any surgical methods.

  13. Boil, broil, steam or bake foods instead of frying them.

  14. Foods which are high in calories usually are those which are greasy crisp, oily, sweet, syrupy, sticky, or concentrated or alcoholic.

  15. Foods low in calories usually tend be watery-crisp, clear, dilute or thin or raw.

  16. It’s important to maintain a calorie deficit for extended periods of time. Shorter period of calorie restriction result in a larger percentage of water and carbohydrate loss per unit of weight reduction with only a minimum decrease in body fat.