Fever is elevation in the body temperature above the normal which may occur due to many causes like infection, inflammation or due to unknown causes.

These may be:

  1. Acute fevers: these are of short duration. Fevers accompanying infections like colds, influenza, chicken pox, tonsillitis, pneumonia, typhoid, malaria. They last for few days to few hours.

  2. Chronic fever – they lasts for longer duration like several days to several months. E.g. tuberculosis.

Dietary management

  • As the person is acutely ill and anorexic, a high energy, high protein, full fluid diet is recommended in the beginning.

  • Energy requirements increase by almost 50% since the BMR of the body increases. Hence higher calories are given depending on the person.

  • Small meals are given at frequent intervals of 2-3 hours.

  • Sufficient intake of salt and fluids should be ensured.

  • As soon as the fever comes down, a bland, low fiber, soft diet which is easily digested should be given.

  • Well cooked, well mashed, sieved semisolid foods like khichdi, rice with curd, kheers, and custard may be given.

  • As the condition improves larger meals may be given.

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