The liver is a complete and the largest gland associated with digestive systems of our body. It has several functions in our nutritional well being.

Causes of liver diseases:

  1. infectious agents like bacteria, virus and parasites

  2. toxins and toxic chemicals

  3. excessive use of alcohol

  4. impaired nutrition as in case of malnutrition

  5. obstruction in the flow of bile

  6. decreased blood supply


Jaundice is the common symptom to many liver diseases. It is apparent from yellow pigmentation of the skin and body tissues because bile pigments accumulate in the blood. Other symptoms include laziness, weakness, fatigue, lack of appetite, weight loss, flatulence, nausea and vomiting, enlarged liver etc.

Types of liver disorders

  1. Hepatitis – it is an infectious disease that is caused by different types of viral infection. It leads to inflammation and degeneration of liver cells.

  2. Liver cirrhosis – it may be due to infectious hepatitis, chronic alcoholism along with malnutrition, injury from various toxic agents.

  3. Hepatic coma – some cases of liver cirrhosis may advance to hepatic coma which is a syndrome of severe liver disease. Failing liver can no longer inactivate or detoxify certain substances. As a result their concentration in blood increases that produces neurological disturbances.

Dietary management

A high protein except in hepatic coma, a high carbohydrate, medium fat diet divided into 6-8 small frequent meals is recommended. Fats rich in MCT’s are generally recommended. Adequate calories should be supplied. Vitamins may be supplemented in the diet. If swelling, ascites is seen, restricted sodium diet is prescribed. Dietary management depends on the disease condition and liver function tests and may vary from person to person.

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